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The Bachelorette Spoilers 2017: Final Three, Winner CONFIRMED! Who Does Rachel Choose?!

The Bachelorette is about to begin its 13th season on ABC.

While we've yet to see a single episode, Rachel Lindsay's epic journey for love has just concluded with a final rose ceremony in Spain.

Customarily, The Bachelor spoilers have already leaked.

Rachel Lindsay: The Bachelorette Poster

Hands in the air if you're surprised ... hello? Anyone?!

There are no hands in the air because The Bachelorette spoilers leaking before the season begins, let alone ends, is a foregone conclusion.

It's even more of a given than the winners of the previous season breaking up, which is really saying something given the show's history!

We apologize for the pessimism in what should be an uplifting time, but we tell it like it is, and they're batting around .070. Just saying.

Anyway, back to the lecture at hand, as Snoop would say:

Starting Monday night, more than two dozen guys will arrive at the Bachelor mansion to begin their formal courtship with Chris Harrison.

Er, sorry. With Rachel Lindsay. Here's the full lineup"

Soon, she will begin to pare down the field until only a few contenders are left and, eventually, a final rose recipient is selected.

To the surprise of no one, Reality Steve (a.k.a. the Soothsayer of The Bachelorette spoilers) has already uncovered the scoop.

As a result of his sleuthing, we can confirm who Rachel has already gone on hometown dates with, and who gets cut after that.

Moreover, we can tell you who among her final three guys walks away from the finale engaged to the beautiful attorney from Dallas.

Ready to find out exactly who the final four are, and whose life will be intensely scrutinized as soon as the season finale airs?

The four dudes who make it to hometowns are:

Dean Unglert Pic

1. Dean Unglert (above). He is a startup recruiter who has his mother's initials tattooed on his chest. Will he add "RL" next?!

Bryan Abasolo Pic

2. Bryan Abasolo (above). Dr. Bryan, as he is sometimes referred to, is a chiropractor who has spoken Spanish since he was a child.

Talk about a cool and useful skill set. Will it be part of the whole package that lands him in the winner's circle, or will it be ...

Eric Bigger Pic

3. Eric Bigger (above). This is a personal trainer who considers himself to be somewhat of a neat freak. We all have our neuroses.

Also, he is jacked out of his mind. Like, shredded. Do you even lift?! We're guessing he does ... but seriously, is that an eight-pack!?

Goodness gracious.

Peter Kraus Pic

4. Peter Kraus (above). This is a business owner who has a fear of heights, according to his oh-so-revealing ABC biography.

A quartet of worthy contenders, to be sure, so you know when it came down to the final three, Rachel had a tough decision.

Which three to take on overnight dates (read: take into the Fantasy Suite for sexiness), and which one to send home alone?

Dean Unglert, according to Steve, is eliminated, at this stage, but rest assured, he'll be off to Bachelor in Paradise. Phew.

That leaves us with a final three of Eric Bigger, Peter Kraus and Bryan Abasolo, all of whom meet Lindsay's family in Dallas.

So, the million dollar question: Who will win the final rose, and become Rachel's fiance at season's end (if she picks one)?!

Bryan, 37

Bryan Abasolo. Rachel is engaged to Bryan Abasolo.

It's still not clear who made the final two, or where the exit of the third-place finisher occurred, but Bryan wins, and proposed in Spain.

As always, in Reality Steve's own words, this is a lock.

The man's track record speaks for itself. Yes, he has been wrong before, but very rarely so, and he'll cheerfully admit when he is.

He's simply spot-on accurate almost always.

So between now and early August, when we expect the season finale will air, expect a whole lot of rumors, half-truths and misdirection.

Maybe there will in fact be a mammoth twist that blows The Bachelorette spoilers above to smithereens at the last second.

We just wouldn't bet on it.

Granted, as those who follow this stuff religiously know, Steve initially told us Peter Kraus would take home the final rose, not Bryan.

That prediction? Well, it's now been amended.

We'll have more episodic details, spoilers and specifics about how everything plays out once they become available next week and beyond.

We'll also update this with any twists or inaccuracies that need correcting or addendums. Again, though, we don't anticipate the former.

As for whether love will last for Ms. Lindsay?

We would not bet on it, that's for darn sure. Which is not a knock on Rachel, but simply a commentary on the show and its track record. 

Please, prove us wrong, Rachel and Bryan!

13 Reality TV Hoaxes You Totally Fell For

Admit it: you've been had at some point in the past, haven't you?

You thought what you were watching on reality television was 100% real, only to later learn the devastating truth.

We've all been there. And now we can all be here: relive the most shocking reality TV show hoaxes in history below...

1. Dance Moms

Dance moms
We’ll just let Maddie Ziegler, arguably the show's top performer, lay it right out for you, courtesy of an interview with USA Today: "The producers set it up to make us all yell at each other. You know how I said that moms do fight? The moms have a fake fight sometimes. Afterward they just start talking and laugh about it." Host Abby Lee Miller really does suck, however. that's not fake.

2. House Hunters

House hunters
Bobi Jensen blogged in 2012, on a site titled “Hooked on Houses,” that her experience on House Hunter was totally contrived. Turns out, the couple had selected its home prior to appearing on the show and producers even changed Jensen’s story over why she was moving.

3. Breaking Amish

Breaking amish
Can we change the title of this TLC series to "Having Already Broken Amish?" After the very first episode aired, it came out that most participants had already left their Amish family for the bright lights of the big city.

4. Storage Wars

Storage wars
Dave Hester, a prominent presence on A&E’s Storage Wars, left production and sued the network over the phony aspects of the show. He said producers loaded units up with items to give each episode an artificial angle and that they even funneled money to teams to keep each episode's bidding competitive.

5. Ghost Adventures

Ghost adventures
Ghost Adventures star Aaron Goodwin was fired in 2014 after he stopped by the podcast Are We Alone and explained how the network staged reactions, sound effects and other aspects of the program. He said it was "sickening" that he was part of such a "fraud."

6. The Hills

The hills
Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner and other cast members have come out and said pretty much everything you saw on this MTV reality show as scripted. Shocking, we know!
View Slideshow

Scott Disick: I WILL F--k Kourtney Kardashian Again!

Every time we think Scott Disick has hit rock bottom, he somehow burrows deeper, like some sort of intrepid, alcoholic miner in search of a mother-lode of reality TV ratings at the center of the Earth.

But hey, Americans love a good comeback story, and at this point, a comeback from Scott would be like if Apollo Creed literally came back from the dead to kick Ivan Drago's ass at the end of Rocky IV.

Sweet Scott Disick

Anyway, enough tortured analogies about how bad Scott has it these days.

The point is, in a life pretty much defined by effing up, the 34-year-old has been effing up worse than ever in recent months, and it may have finally cost him everything.

These days, Disick is not allowed to see his children, his baby mama won't speak to him, and his health is reportedly failing rapidly following a bender of epic proportions.

But perhaps the surest sign that Scott is down and out is the fact that he's finally been fired by Kris Jenner.

This is a woman who would split a bottle of pinot grigio with Zombie Hitler if she thought it would be good for ratings, so when Kris says you're so far gone you've got to go, you know you've really done wrong.

Scott and Kourtney Pic

But fortunately, Scott hasn't lost faith in the Lord.

And by "the Lord," of course, we're referring to his own dumb nickname for himself.

Scott participated in the upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians 10 Year Anniversary Special (we guess it was filmed before he got the ax).

In a sneak preview from the special (which premieres on Sunday), Scott reveals that he still has feelings for Kourtney Kardashian.

And apparently, he still makes every effort to get into her good graces ... or at least into her pants.

"She's like the only person I've ever loved in my life," Scott tells host Ryan Seacrest.

"I think she's cute and stuff."


When Seacrest asks Scott if he still hits on Kourtney, the Lord gives a characteristically blunt reply:

"Yeah, I try to f--k her like once a week," he says.

And they say romance is dead.

Of course, this special was likely filmed several months ago, and it looks as though Scott and Kourtney are no longer on speaking terms.

But maybe he's still trying to f--k her through email or something.

Is Tupac Alive? Suge Knight is Convinced ...

Suge Knight, music mogul and certified OG, continues to espouse the popular conspiracy theory that his late friend Tupac Shakur is ...

... well, not late. 'Pac is among the living!

2 Pac

This is not the first time the former infamous Death Row Records honcho has said that Tupac is alive. Nor will it be the last, we're guessing.

Even though he personally witnessed the rap legend's murder with his own eyes in 1996, he’s still not convinced that Shakur is deceased.

In the forthcoming special Who Shot Biggie & Tupac, Knight discusses this topic of never-ending fascination - and explains his reasoning.

"When Pac died... if he really did, you know,” Suge, who is awaiting sentencing for an unrelated murder, said via telephone from jail.

“I mean when I left that hospital, me and Pac was laughing and joking. So I don't see how someone can turn from doing well to doing bad.”

Really? That's his reasoning?

Suge Knight Pointing

A shooting victim taking a turn for the worse doesn't strike us as that hard to believe (nor are what we're told were Tupac's last words).

Although the documentary's interviewers were not buying Suge’s theory for this reason, he assures us that there is a strong possibility.

Is it really possible, though?

Could 2Pac have faked his death and/or disappeared without a trace and somehow still be alive to this day, over two decades later?

“I’m gonna tell you with Pac, you never know," Knight says, unconvincingly, though Suge's involvement in the case certainly is intriguing.

On September 7, 1996, 14 shots were fired at a car, six of which hit Tupac; Suge was driving at the time, and both men somehow survived.

Tupac Pic

Six days after the fact, on September 13, Tupac passed away at the age of 25 due to the injuries he sustained in the drive-by shooting.

The case has never been closed.

Earlier this year, Suge issued an affidavit in which he claimed the culprits behind the shooting were actually targeting him and not 'Pac.

Suge says he has known for years "that [ex-Death Row Records security chief] Reggie Wright Jr. and his ex-wife Sharitha" were behind it.

This was done as a plot to gain control over the record company, he alleges, while an LAPD insider recently provided a different theory.

Unreported in the initial investigation, the source says, was that Tupac was heavily indebted to Knight, and that set off a chain of events.


“[Shakur] wanted to get out of jail," says the insider.

"He basically signed his life away to Suge [Knight, as Death Row kingpin]. He didn’t want to do it, but when he does that they own him."

Tupac “immediately [became] enemies with the Crips” due to Suge's links to the LA gang Mob Piru, which was "built off of Death Row.”

This insider doesn't go into too much more detail, but another theory involves Suge's wife Sharitha Golden of murdering Tupac personally.

Golden has denied that allegation.

The only thing we can say with certainty is that the intense interest in 2Pac's life after death continues unabated, and may outlive us all.

Ariel Winter Sticks it to Haters with Skimpiest Outfit Yet!

This goes beyond a "boob window" and enters territory that we don't quite know how to describe. A boob ... balcony?

Whatever it's called, Ariel Winter is rocking something that goes well beyond underboob or cleavage in a shredded white crop top. She's living her best, hottest life.

And we don't claim to be mind-readers, but we have a sneaking suspicion of what motivated this public display of boobage that you can see below.

So what exactly is she wearing in the images that you'll see in the video below?

A slashed white PrettyLittleThing crop top that bares the undersides and the inner sides of her breasts, in a material so thin that you don't need Cara Delevingne's vaunted sixth sense to know where they are.

You can just ... see them.

Other than that, she's wearing comfy-looking red pants with black boots. And her hair is up in a ponytail. Like, this is just an outfit that she wore around town.

First of all, obviously, Ariel Winter doesn't need any excuses or whatever to wear whatever the hell she wants.

Breasts are just lumps of tissue, albeit very aesthetically pleasing ones. 

She's an adult who can make her own choices, and whether or not they're the same ones that you or I would make is frankly irrelevant.

Getting upset because of someone else's wardrobe is like getting upset because someone else ordered pizza toppings for their own personal pizza that you don't like.

The fact that many places forbid women from going out in public while topless but allow men to do so is absurd and, many say, a point of contention for those who seek gender equality.

That said ... we do think that Ariel may have had a motive.

Recently, Ariel Winter's infamous mother, Crystal Workman, did a TV interview to try to slut-shame Ariel for the way that she dresses.

You really have to have a lot of nerve to criticize the way that your daughter lives, after your own parenting was so bad and allegedly abusive that a court allowed Ariel to become an emancipated minor at 14.

Ariel has accused Crystal of restricting her diet from a shockingly young age (to the point where one of Ariel's instructors would covertly order extra food to sneak some to her).

She has also accused Crystal of violent, physical abuse and of emotional abuse.

it sounds like Ariel escaped from a truly awful childhood.

Unlike when her mother allegedly forced her into wildly sexualized outfits when she was as young as 12, Ariel is now a 19-year-old adult.

She's free to wear as much or as little as she likes.

Ariel has already responded to this in two ways.

First, she retweeted someone else's tweet, where they referred to Crystal Workman's whining. The fan noted:

"All i know, is if i [were] trying to reconcile with my daughter, i wouldn't be bashing her on a interview... but that's just me."

It's not just her, really.

Ariel Winter then posted her own not-so-subtle subtweet:

"Very sad when someone chooses a public forum to reach out to someone. Also sad when that reach out comes in the form of criticizing."

Quite frankly, that's a heck of a lot nicer than most people would have been, given Ariel's history with her mother.

All of this came on the heels of Ariel Winter's epic Instagram rant when she talked about how people respond to her photos.

(Ariel's no stranger to white crop tops, but the ones that we've seen her wear in the past were a good deal tamer)

To us (and again, we're not mind-readers) this new, wildly salacious crop top that you'll see in the video below is a huge middle finger to not only her awful mother but to all of her haters.

There's a powerful feeling to ignoring the voices that are trying to bring you down and control you.

With results like this, we think that the people complaining that Ariel Winter should cover up are definitely in the minority:

Ariel winter sticks it to haters with skimpiest outfit yet

Duggar Family: Are They Finally Giving Up on Josh?

It's been over two years since the world learned that Josh Duggar molested five young women, four of whom were his sisters.

By now, you likely know the story of how his family was able to move on from one of the most appalling celebrity scandals in recent memory:

Anna and Josh Duggar Photograph

TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting, the reality show that made the Duggars famous, but most of the clan was welcomed back to the network just months later with a spinoff originally entitled Counting On.

Parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar reportedly assured network execs that Josh would never be featured on the new series.

Thus far, they've kept that promise, but they've also made attempts at rehabilitating Josh's image on their popular social media pages.

Earlier this month, Josh and wife Anna welcomed their fifth child, and the Duggars apparently saw the birth as a golden opportunity to convince the public that Josh is more than just a sexual predator.

Predictably, the attempt backfired.

Anna Duggar Ultrasound Photos

Fans slammed Josh on social media and excoriated his family for encouraging a known abuser to continue having children.

Now, it seems the Duggars are backing away from their strategy and once again distancing themselves from Josh.

Here's how we know:

Following news of Mason Duggar's birth, Josh and his family were featured as the banner image on the Duggars' official Facebook page.

Now they've been replaced by newlyweds Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell (even Joseph and Kendra got married before Josh and Anna welcomed Mason).

In the past, the Duggars' banner images have remained in place for weeks, or even months at a time.

So why was Josh and Anna's time atop the page so short-lived?

Anna and Josh Duggar Selfie

For the answer, we need look no further than the most recent comments on the Duggars' profile.

“We are sad that you have given Josh another chance,” one fan wrote underneath the picture.

“He doesn’t deserve it and Anna is not to blame at all. She has beautiful kids and she should get them away from Josh.”

“People say Josh went to rehab and I will be honest here,” wrote another follower.

“I have 4 children. If my son molested his siblings I don’t care what therapy he received I would NEVER trust him again. PERIOD. My kids mental and physical well-being comes first," she added.

Anna Duggar with Josh Duggar

As you can see, the reaction to the Duggars' efforts to reintroduce Josh have been less than favorable.

It seems that the experiment made Jim Bob and Michelle realize that any attempt to rehabilitate Josh's image would just result in them being brought down with him.

We think it's safe to say they won't be making any further efforts to repair their eldest sons' battered reputation anytime soon.

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV's most controversial family.

KJ Apa, Riverdale Lead, Crashes Car Following 16-Hour Work Day

KJ Apa, the lead actor on The CW’s Riverdale, was involved in a car accident last week after driving home past midnight, following an especially grueling work day.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Apa had just completed 16 hours of acting on the set of the popular teenage drama.

KJ Apa

Apa, who portrays Archie Andrews on the series, fell asleep behind the wheel and was fortunate to escape from the crash without serious injury.

But his car was apparently destroyed after it hit a light pole.

The incident has stirred up a significant amount of controversy, given that actors on Riverdale often work these kinds of shifts and are NOT provided with transportation home afterward.

SAG-AFTRA announced yesterday afternoon that the union would investigate the set in Vancouver after this dangerous crash.

"This is an extremely troubling situation and we are deeply concerned about the safety of performers on the Riverdale set," the statement read.

"We are sending a team to Vancouver to review the circumstances surrounding safety issues affecting performers on this production."

KJ Apa on Riverdale

A call between reps for the actors and Warner Bros. executives is scheduled for Friday, meanwhile.

In a statement to Us Weekly, Warner Bros. has said the following:

The safety of the cast and crew on all of our productions is of paramount importance to the Studio. Productions adhere to the Screen Actors Guild–mandated turnaround time of 12 hours from wrap time to next day call time for cast members.

In accordance with industry standard policy, if any cast or crew member feels tired or unsafe at any time after working, the Studio will provide a taxi, a driver or a hotel room upon request.

This is communicated to all cast and crew, both in writing and verbally, at the beginning of production and is reiterated continuously throughout the duration of production.

While the sides work out this important issue, Apa's Riverdale co-stars have taken to social media with evidence that their friend is doing okay.


Camila Mendes, who plays the Veronica Lodge to his Archie, shared an Instagram Story pic of her colleague resting on the ground on Thursday, for example.

"U good?" she wrote along with it.

And Cole Sprouse - who decided at the last second against sharing a ride home with Apa on the night of his crash - posted a close-up of his pal wearing Jughead's hat.

You can see that image below.

Concluded Warner Bros.:

"First and foremost, we are extremely grateful that KJ Apa was uninjured during his recent accident.

"Secondarily, we want to specifically address the characterization that conditions on the set of Riverdale are of concern.

more apa

"We have a large cast of series regulars, and our actors do not work every day."

On the day of the accident, KJ worked 14.2 hours. The previous day he worked 2.5 hours, and the day before that he worked 7.7 hours."

"KJ has repeatedly been informed about making production aware if he is tired or feels unsafe, and if so, either a ride or hotel room will be provided for him.

"The accident occurred last Thursday.

"Additionally, it is untrue that KJ was taken to the hospital. He was treated by first responders on the scene and released by them.

"We also sent a doctor to his home later that same day for a follow-up to confirm his well-being."

NOTE: Riverdale is really good!

You can follow this link to watch Riverdale online and find out why!

Aaron Carter Visited by Police AGAIN: What's Wrong with Him?!

2017 hasn't been very kind to Aaron Carter.

Or perhaps we should say that in 2017, Aaron Carter hasn't been very kind to himself.

Aaron Carter Airplane Selfie

Though he has been experiencing more than his fair share of tragedy -- his father passed away in the spring, and he's been open about his health problems -- many of his issues seem to be somewhat self-inflicted.

In July, he was arrested for a DUI and for drug possession while cruising around Georgia, and things kind of went downhill from there.

The arrest got him some serious attention, so we saw him doing tearful, emotional interviews about how innocent he is.

(This is also when he revealed his eating disorder and his self-hatred, because sure, what's a little more sadness at this point?)

Shortly after that, he came out as bisexual -- an admirable thing to do, especially considering some of the hateful reactions he received -- and shortly after that, his girlfriend, Madison Parker, broke up with him.

He said it was because of the bisexual thing, but she's denied that.

It was a fair bit of drama, but nothing like what happened earlier this month.

Aaron Carter with Chest Tats

Because earlier this month, Aaron was visited by police four times in the span of 34 hours.

The whole mess started because he'd gotten into a car accident -- a bad one. He was uninjured, but he totaled his car.

The first police visit was a welfare check, because whoever called had told officers that he'd been doing drugs and drinking a lot lately, and he'd also been talking about buying a gun.

He didn't answer the door, and a couple of hours later they returned after receiving a call that he needed a psychological evaluation because he refused medical attention after the accident.

The third call was because Aaron was "not in a safe mental state" and had "threatened to harm family and others."

And then the fourth call was someone claiming that he'd threatened to kill himself.

Nothing came from any of these visits -- police just showed up to make sure he was OK, and he obviously was, so they let him be.

Aaron Carter Shirtless Bedtime Selfie

But last night, police were called to Aaron's house again.

We don't have much information about this visit yet, but Aaron's local police department has stated that "We responded to a welfare check at his home this evening."

"Our officers went out there and found he was not in need of any assistance."

Interestingly enough, just a few hours before the latest Aaron Carter welfare check, some of the 911 calls from his earlier welfare check extravaganza were released.

And we're more worried about this guy than ever.

In one of the calls, an unnamed woman claims that Aaron crashed his car after getting high from "inhaling computer duster," and that he's "very, very ill, he's on the verge of death."

Aaron Carter's Shirtless Selfie

The woman begged them to arrest him, because she'd "rather see him go to jail than die."

"He's been driving drunk all night," she reported. "I'm sure he was driving fast and intoxicated."

This woman believed things were so serious that she told police that the next time they pay him a visit, "it's going to be finding him dead."

She also mentioned that he'd been abusing his pets, which is a whole different level of awful.

In another call, a woman tells police that Aaron is "schizophrenic and bipolar" and that "he's been trying to purchase a gun and threaten people."

Yet another concerned person in Aaron's life called and recounted the story of Aaron's recent appearance on The Doctors -- the one where the doctors in question told him that he could die if he didn't go to rehab.

This woman says that she's "tried" to tell him to follow the advice and head off to rehab, but "he won't listen."

"He thinks he's invincible and he's so far gone. He doesn't listen to anything I say."

At this point, we can only hope that sometime very, very soon, Aaron starts to listen to all these concerned people around him.

Because whatever is happening in his life right now sounds downright terrifying.

Jacob Roloff Shares New Nephew Photo, Hints at Little People, Big World Return

Jacob Roloff continues to give fans a reason to believe.

As veteran Little People, Big World viewers are well aware of, Roloff quit his family's long-running TLC reality series last summer.

Moreover, he did so in grandiose fashion.

Jacob and Jackson

The 20-year old told Instagram followers at the time that he simply couldn't continue to be part of a program that scripted so many scenes and storylines.

It was all fake, Roloff wrote. It was all phony. It was all "ridiculous," the "talking points" producers were asking he and his relatives to spout each week.

"They are the Roloff Characters and I have scarcely anything in common with them, nor do I want to be a character myself," Roloff said on his way out.

And Jacob then stuck to his word.

He hasn't appeared on a Little People, Big World episode since.

But he has (implicitly, perhaps) dropped various hints over the past several weeks about a return to the small screen.

Jacob and Molly

Has Roloff come out and said he wants back in? No.

But look at the picture at the outset of this article. It's the latest example of Jacob publicizing how he's back on great terms with his loved ones.

"I looooove this kid #babyjroloff," Jacob wrote as a caption to the image of himself and his nephew, Jackson Kyle.

That's all Roloff wrote, but plenty of followers are reading heavily into it.

After shunning his family for so long, Jacob is now back in their good graces. Big time.

He played a key and helpful role in Molly Roloff's wedding, for example, an event at which TLC cameras were on hand.

"Jacob drove Molly and her bridal party around in the mule and the cameras were right on them,” an insider explained to Radar Online this summer, saying it “would be impossible” to edit him out of the footage.

In other words: Jacob will likely make at least one cameo on Little People, Big World this fall when the network airs its Molly wedding special.

Jacob Roloff and His Book

And it doesn't sound as though Jacob will mind.

This past June, Jacob addressed his outburst against the series and his family a year prior and admitted he caused some "strife" by doing so.

"I said inflammatory things. Even as I said those things, I would admit that in about a year, I’d probably regret some of this," Jacob said two months ago.

How does he feel about his actions now, upon a lot of reflection?

"I left the show and I left the religion I was brought up with, and I left it in a pretty flamboyant way," he added, concluding simply:

"I grew up."

It sounds to us as if Jacob will at least be seen again on Little People, Big World.

As a series regular? Maybe not.

But we'll take whatever we can get at this point!

Kailyn Lowry FINALLY Addresses Rumors She Cheated on Javi Marroquin

It's been over a year since Kailyn Lowry split from Javi Marroquin, but Teen Mom 2 fans are still wondering what caused such a seemingly healthy marriage to fall apart so quickly.

Obviously, Javi's overseas deployment with the US Air Force put a strain on the relationship, but one persistent rumor about the straw that broke the camel's back has plagued Kailyn since the time of her divorce.

Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry Kiss

And it seems she's finally willing to set the record straight.

Speaking with E! News, the mother of three flat-out denied engaging in any infidelity while Javi was overseas.

"Okay, I'm just going to say it because I already started. There's like a whole misconception that I cheated on Javi while he was deployed, which is super frustrating because that's not the case," she stated.

"It just makes for good TV, drama and ratings. I'm just biting the bullet every time but it isn't true."

Kailyn's critics will likely be quick to point out that she never said she didn't cheat on Javi at all during their marriage.

She only said she didn't cheat while he was overseas.

Kailyn, Javi Photo

We don't think Kailyn meant to take advantage of that semantic loophole, but TM2 fans and their suspicions are not easily parted.

As for where Lowry and Marroquin stand these days ... well, it's tough to say.

Recently, there were rumors of Kailyn and Javi getting back together, and the fact that neither party addressed the reports publicly only added fuel to the fire.

A full reconciliation seems unlikely, however.

Kailyn welcomed her third child last month, and Javi has been open about the new addition complicating his co-parenting relationship with his ex-wife.

Even if the two of them wanted to get back together, we doubt that Kailyn would have the time or energy.

Javi, Kailyn and Son

Of course, her co-star, Briana DeJesus is also a single mom, and that hasn't stopped rumors that Javi and Briana are dating.

Yes, Marroquin may have actually made the leap from one TM2 star to another.

It's developments like that that explain the show's ongoing popularity.

This stuff is way more dramatic than any soap opera on TV.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the rocky road that led Kailyn and Javi to where they are today.


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